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In this Madan Gowri Tamil video we will be discussing about The Cecile hotwl and Elisa Lam. The Cecil was built in 1924 by three hoteliers as a destination for business travellers and tourists. The hotel cost $1.5 million to complete and boasted an opulent marble lobby with stained-glass windows, potted palms, and alabaster statuary. Elisa Lam, a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, stays at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. After this, the hotel is rebranded as "Stay on The Main" by new owners and we will be explaining importance of branding and the changeover of the hotel into a new brand in the recent days and branding details.

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  • She pressed door hold button ... her actions in the lift were abnormal but the naked thing I can’t imagine why would she get naked herself... how did the latch close... the police didn’t check the tanks how come they be so careless ... and the tank lid mystery is out of the world ...

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  • I recently watched the documentary it’s creepy and horrifying...

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  • Rishipediangra channella 2 varshthukku munnadiye pathiten

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  • What language are you speaking? I hear english and spanish.

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  • Very easy hotel oner kum inthu meder kum sambenthem irukku averkel ale Mattum than eviden illame inthe mader pakkava panne mutuyum becouse matter natenthethu avenge place pannivittu gost mele paliye potrange mele thani tang pone video illeye bro

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  • அண்ணா உங்க ப்ரொபைல் போட்டோ ல இருக்குறது நீங்களா

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  • This case actually completely solved. I think the internet can be misleading but you can watch the whole case history and details on Netflix (Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel). It's sad that she died but I don't think there is any foul play involved.

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  • she must have teleported using some power with her disorder

  • Definately murder

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  • கன்டிப்பா அந்த பொன்ன கொன்டுட்டானுங்க ஏா்கனவே வேர ரூம்ல ரூம்மெட்டோட சன்ட போட்டுட்டு இன்னொரு ரூம்முக்கு வந்துருக்கு திரும்ப கோட்டல் நிா்வாகத்துல பிரச்சனை பன்னியோ வேர ஏதோ பாலியல் வன்கொடுமை பன்னிதா கொன்டுட்டானுங்க

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  • பேய்யும் இல்லை ஆவியும் இல்லை ஹோட்டலில் பணிபுரிபவர்கள் ஆமானுழயம் என்ற பெயரில் சிலர் மர்மனா முறையில் கொலைசெய்துவருகின்றனர் மேலும் தப்பித்தும் வருகின்றனர் லிபிட் வேலை செய்யாதர்க்கு காரணம் லிபிட்டில் சர்குயூட்போர்டு பழுது அடைந்துல்லது மேலும் பென்னுடைய பலகினத்தை பயன்படுத்தித்திக்கு கொண்டு இந்த தவரை செய்துத்துள்ளனர் இதற்கு ஆமானுழயம் காரணம் அல்ல....

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  • Hotel alunga panna velaya irkum thala, avangalt key irku alrm off pannalam, tank potruklam close panni irklam

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  • This case rape and murder eruku

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  • We already watched it on netflix .. bro

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  • elisa lam was bipolar. and didnt take proper medicin for that. but some ppl say that govt is involved bkos she was a spy. there is a coincidence with the film dark water released 10 years bfore elisa s death.... so mny strange things with is mysterious case

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  • Asusual we facing our country hotel murder like this..

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  • Bro bipolar disorder apdina enna bro konjo solluga

  • I think Netflix episode have better clarification about her death

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  • Bro antha lift door close agathathuku reason netla elisa Lam lift door buttons search pannunga antha liftla door hold button apdindra oru button iruku

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  • Elevator game

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  • Idk how u guys r able 2 sleep after knowing mysterious talks Namaku nyt padukka ve bayama irukku 🤯🤯🤯🥶🥶🥴🥴😵😵😨

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  • அருமையான பதிவு சகோதரா, மேன்மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துக்கள் இந்தோனேஷியாவில் இருந்து உங்கள் நண்பன் முத்து

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  • I am damn sure this is all because of bipolar disorder only

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  • Already put risipidia with video prope

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  • No bro, see pressed the hold button at 1st.

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  • I think . Paka plan murder

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  • Watch American horror story season 5. It is about Cecil hotel.

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  • I've already said in many comments before. Please please for God sake pronounce ழ as ழ and not as 'ல'

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  • இதுதான் நெட்பிளிக்ஸ்ல டாகுமெண்ட்ரி சீரியலா இருக்கே.புதுசா ஏதாவது சொல்லுப்பா.

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  • 2nd time she enters inside and wait for the door to shut and we can see she disappeared and can be seen out of lift and looks like talking to someone

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  • Super bro

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  • No ghost no bullshit and all. Elisa sadly died accidentally by drowning since she had a very intense manic episode, that's because she had Bipolar disorder - 1 Find more information on r/UnresolvedMystries And the tank door was actually open when it was found by the hotel worker for the first time. I'm not saying this to ruin your conspiracy, you can go on to ignore a literal fact and continue to speculate however you want for your own satisfaction or entertainment.

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  • I think they just "Closed" the case with improper explanation. The police did not "Solve" it. I wonder what the post-mortem report was. Can there be possibility of her body being dumped in the tank after the dogs came and left?

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  • Hey brother make hindi channel too...

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  • They said that there was a Chopper flying over head along with the body sniffing dogs . Why didn't the choppers see that the lid was open ?

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  • If Alisa struggled with getting a book back to the hotel and was assisted by 2 men who carried the book box then explain to me how heavy is the water tank cover to lift off? My intuition tells me that a former possibly disgruntled employee had a spare key made. She was murdered no doubt. This case was closed because of the inconsistencies that it entails. I think detectives didn't work hard enough on this case cuz of the crazed cop who was out there killing other cops. I'm not a detective but my intuition and common sense says it was an inside job it definitely wasn't bipolar and BTW if anyone knows anything about mental illness the description based on her Bipolar described Schizophrenic symptoms not Bipolar symptoms. There's too much being withheld from the public this case was put away simply cuz it was too much of a public sensation nothing more. BIG COVER UP. I pray this poor girl is resting peacefully❤

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  • its hotel authorities involved 😒no bipolar disorder...

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  • Anyone here after watching Netflix series?

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  • Usualla oruthar crime pannirunthalum like yaaraiyathu kathiya kuthi koldrathu illa any crime.. Pannirunthalum avunga bath 🛀 pannitangana police dog aala kandupidika mudiyathu.... Athumaari ELIZA tank la thannila iruntha naala kooda kandupidika mudiyamapoirukalaala ......

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  • Two things about the elevator footage. The first thing, when she walks in and pushes all the buttons, and then stands up, the door starts to close but then stops. Second, she is wearing some kind of flip-flop or sandal, they are black. You can see the straps across her feet.

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  • I feel like she was killed and somebody using her social media

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  • Watch the documentary “ the vanish at the cisil hotel “ nextflix

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  • It wasn’t a ghost she is bipolar. She was having a manic episode. Stop spreading misinformation.

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  • SOLVED- Her glasses fell off when she looked in the tank out of simple curiosity. She got in to get them after realizing she needed them to climb down fire escape ladder. Were the glasses found in the tank?

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  • Question 1;She talks to whom Question 2:how could the girl know this way of up of the building Soming wrong

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    • Q 2 ans- everyone knows it if they were in that hotel manager will tell the way

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    • Q 1 ans- she has bipolo disorder

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  • It's a murder

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  • கொலை கொலை

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  • Madhan neenga soldra mathrie schedule video podra marie iruntha, Elisa yethna viedo uplode potanga avangaluku video before ha podrathuku enna avasiyam? next how to close the water tank door?

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  • தன்னை யாரொ துரதுவதாக கற்பனை செய்து கொண்டு தண்ணீர் தொட்டியில் ஒளிந்து இருக்கலாம். தொட்டியில் தண்ணீர் நிரப்பும் போது அதை நிறுத்த தன் உடைகளை பயன்படுத்தி இருக்கலாம்

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  • itu kandipa kolai tha antha ponnu ilo nala ariva iruku aana paithiam na anga va sathu poi irukalam but yan ula nal yanaku romba kavaliya iruku enna nadairum yanaku puriothu avaalo padam pakuram itha mudika mudiyatha

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  • There is a movie called “Followed” it shows about this hotel. Actually there’s a Korean elevator ritual, this girl did that only it seems. Also the movie is about a blogger who stayed in the hotel

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    • @Yogasri Raman it's a game. just search korean elevator game

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    • What ritual is it?

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  • Unga Vedio pakkalana thukamea varamattudhu madhan

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  • It should be a murder 🙄

  • By polar dis arder na ennanu sollu bro

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  • Probably she was murdered and the body thrown in the water tank after the police had taken their sniffer dog there.

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  • Bro indha incident vachu movie ye eduthuttanga movie name BLACK WATER

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  • Ivlo problem irukkura hotel yen antha government innum seal vakkama irukkanga

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  • Bro biporder disease na ena bro

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